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North Carolina families know the importance of opportunity.  That’s why Brandon is working to:

  • promote a vibrant and inclusive economy by supporting innovation and access to affordable healthcare and childcare;

  • invest in our children by fully funding strong public schools and

  • protect our constitutional rights from partisan attacks.



North Carolinians are hard-working and forward-looking.  That’s why Brandon is working to help more North Carolinians meet rising costs by increasing access to affordable healthcare and childcare.  He’s working to support innovation and growth for North Carolina companies.  He’s promoting investments in infrastructure and sustainability to create jobs and improve transportation.  

  • Sponsored H.B. 1136 “North Carolina Working Families Act,” which would increase access to affordable childcare, raise state employee raises and fund clean energy investments.

  • Sponsored H.B. 624 “North Carolina Regulatory Sandbox Act” (signed into law in October 2021), that helps facilitate innovation in financial services and technology in North Carolina and establishes an Innovation Council for the state.

  • Sponsored H.B. 1117 “Increase Funding for Childcare,” which would help more families gain access to quality, affordable childcare.

  • Sponsored or cosponsored legislation to increase transportation funding for Charlotte, restore the Child Tax Credit and expand Medicaid.


Our children deserve a world-class education. They deserve the opportunity to reach their potential and compete in a changing world.  That’s why Brandon is working to strengthen our public schools by increasing teacher pay to attract and keep the best educators and increasing access to support staff (such as nurses, counselors and psychologists).  He’s working to stop efforts to vilify our teachers and politicize our classrooms. 

  • Sponsored H.B. 1136 “North Carolina Working Families Act,” which would provide significant teacher raises, hire 672 new school counselors, social workers and nurses, as well as 192 new school psychologists and approximately 5,000 additional early childhood teachers.

  • Sponsored H.B. 771 “Funds for Children with Disabilities” which would provide additional resources to better educate children with learning differences.

  • Sponsored or cosponsored legislation to restore master’s pay for teachers, pay non-certified school personnel $15 an hour and provide budget flexibility to our school districts.

  • Stood against partisan efforts to undermine our teachers, inject politics into our classrooms and require costly taxpayer-funded public hearings.


​Our rights matter.  They form fundamental boundaries against government interference.  They form the foundation of what it means to be North Carolinian and what it means to be American.  That’s why Brandon is working to protect our fundamental rights from partisan attacks.  He is working to protect our right to free and fair elections by fighting to finally end the practice of gerrymandering in North Carolina and oppose efforts to limit access to voting.  He is working to protect the right of women to make their own healthcare decisions and exercise control over their bodies.  

  •  Cosponsored legislation to establish an independent nonpartisan redistricting commission in North Carolina.

  • Cosponsored legislation to ban the use of partisan data in redistricting, make judicial races non-partisan in North Carolina and restore public funding for judicial races.

  • Stood against legislative efforts to violate the constitutional right of women to exercise control over their reproductive health decisions.

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